(Re-)negotiation? A better rental contract

Whether your are nearing the end of your rental contract or you have a break clause, D-HP can support you in your (re-)negotiations, allowing you to benefit from the high vacancy rates in several European markets.

Rental price or rental costs?

While re-negotiating your rental contract, we analyse not only the rental price but also all additional costs. In this way you can compare like with like. Our cost analysis encompasses:

Every detail is valuable and negotiable

The devil is in the detail, as the saying goes. To this, D-HP adds: Every detail is negotiable. Are you looking for more flexibility, for instance? Then you might want to include a clause giving you first refusal on adjacent units or the option to vacate space before the end of the rental term. Would you like more assurance that the space will be handed over on time? Then always include a clear planning and penalty clause in the contract, just in case the hand-over does not go as expected.

Want to know more?

D-HP can carry out a free quick scan for you, showing you how much you can save on your rental costs. Please contact us by filling in the form below or choosing one of the options under the ‘Contact’ tab.